Sep. 19th, 2013

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Reposted from [ profile] harnessphoto who reposted it from [ profile] slobberpuppy:

"I've seen it more than a few times this month - people missing the days when LJ was a more active place. It's always nice to share interactions with like-minded folk, and I often find that reading other people's words help give insight into my own life. We are all connected, afterall!

Therefore, I am going to put forth an idea I have been brewing on for some time: The Great LJ Friends Swap! Basically, if there are two (or three, or four, or more...) active folks on your friends list - people who will participate in one anothers' journals - that you think should be connected, then why not suggest such and make the introductions between them? I would be happy to connect anyone who replies to this post with other LJ users whom I think would make a good match, and by virtue of posting this, I am requesting the same - feel free to connect me to people who you think would enjoy our interactions and sharing of ideas.

Feel free to spread this like wildfire if you so desire. The Great LJ Friends Swap has begun!"

If you are interested in being shared or being connected, comment here. Of course, I'd love some new friends of my own if you can think of them! Alternately, post a blurb about yourself in the comments so like-minded people can find you (and read the comments for the vice versa effect).

How brilliant is this idea? LJ's not dead, I've seen that with my own eyes. I just think the population has shrunk, and the groups of interconnected people have become cut off from each other. Let's reunite them and widen circles! Get those friends feeds full again!

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