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With pictures, so I'll cut to spare you. (Pictures are just some of my favorites, and don't necessarily have anything to do with the narrative.)

This was our second cruise and I loved it. For future reference, I did learn a few new things. I should've taken my phone. I didn't want to haul the big Cannon around everywhere, and I missed getting pictures I'd have liked because of it. I need to either take my phone, or get a small point and shoot for such times.

I also wish I had pre-purchased the photo package since we did character appearances this time. They will (and did) take pictures with your personal camera, so we didn't leave completely empty handed, but of course the ones the staff took were better framed and lit. Next time I will get the photo package that includes all images on a disk and take full advantage of the many opportunities for pictures on the ship.

Also of note is that some characters that I really wanted pictures with (Stitch) only had appearances at the beginning of the cruise, and that was it. I missed him thinking I could get a pic later in the week, but no dice. There's plenty of opportunities with Mickey, Minnie and the like, but the lesser characters only appear a couple of times so get them when you can. Luckily there was a last day session with Pluto, since that's who the boys wanted to see.

If we ever have an itinerary with Cozumel in it again, I'll skip getting off the ship, or do the dune buggy type excursion. If we ever stop in Grand Cayman again I'll spend a LOT more time off the ship. The kids were fine in the club on ship, but I was worried about them so we went back early.

We didn't make a plan each day, and missed out on a lot of things I would've liked to do. I'll send the kids to the club to eat dinner instead of making them sit with us in the main dining rooms. I'll also leave them on the boat during port adventures.

Other than those minor details, it was fabulous! I want to go back. Lots.

All of the pictures can be found in this album on Flickr. Mine come first, then Jason's, then Mom's so if it seems to start over, well, it does. LOL
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