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So both of tonight's meal items would have been better with the addition or subtraction of an ingredient. The chicken was fine, but very bland to me. I liked the lemon, but I wish I had added something with a complimentary flavor like curry or cumin to give it a bit of a taste. The lemon alone just wasn't enough and the garlic and herbs didn't even make a dent.

The mashed potato salad thing would have been awesome if I'd left out the wine vinegar. I'm not a huge fan of greek yogurt and wish I'd subbed sour cream and mayo (which is what I usually use for these types of creamy salads) but that part was actually fine. The vinegar gave it a strange off taste to both of us, and we ended up throwing it out and eating some leftover coleslaw instead. (Which makes me want to cry, throwing away potatoes like that.)

Anyway, this could have been pretty good but turned out just okay.

I'm going back to Mom's this weekend so I'll actually have Friday's meal some other time. I can't even remember what it's supposed to be. I think it's the pasta thing?
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Ursulav did a fantastic write up of the movie here: http://ursulav.livejournal.com/1553119.html

It is quite manly.


Sep. 6th, 2013 11:59 am
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I loved Pitch Black, and I love Chronicles of Riddick, so when my best friend said she wanted to see Riddick as her birthday present I was all over it. I happened to see they were having an advance screening last night, so we went to it.

She chose the venue (Movie Tavern, one of those movie theater/restaurant hybrids). I'm not a fan of seeing movies there. The food isn't all that great frankly, and it really takes me out of the movie to have people constantly walking in front of me.

On to the no spoilers review:

It was your typical action flick. Some good action scenes interspersed with campy one liners held together with a thread of a plot. The first full 1/3 of the movie is taken up by this quiet, rather slow moving introspection on Riddick's part like they were going for something deeper and more artsy than action flick.

Overall it was entertaining. The CGI and sound were absolutely fantastic. The story wasn't as compelling as the first or second and the last bit was so reminiscent of the first movie that I kept wondering if it was going to turn out they were on the same planet.

There's nothing behind the credits.

here there be spoilers )
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I've been watching SyFy's The Heroes of Cosplay and it's bringing back my desire to costume full force. I don't want to compete, and I don't have time to make more than one awesome costume a year. I've decided that next year I will be going back to Dragoncon and I will be dressed most awesomely. I've already started brainstorming ideas.

It didn't help that I was in JoAnn's this morning getting Ruggle supplies and everyone else in there was getting last minute things for D*con. Met a very nice lady from VA who costumes for a living. She and her husband will be entering the Masquerade tomorrow night as steampunk gargoyles, complete with 186" wingspans. I helped her with directions to Norcostco.

I was invited to go this year with my Dad and sister, but I think Erik is still a bit too young. Not too young really, but more the problem that he flees into crowds willy nilly and this makes for a very unhappy mother wolffe. Next year I'm hoping he will have matured enough to mind when I tell him to stay close.

To ease the itch this year I've decided to make a costume to debut at our Halloween party. I have no idea what at the moment, but as I said before I'm brainstorming.
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Jake just stripped completely naked. Then he ran down the hall, sing-songing "I'm going to the store!" and on his way back, yelling "don't bite my shiny butt!"

Never a dull moment folks.


Aug. 19th, 2013 09:27 am
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This will make no sense to those not playing Plants Vs Zombies 2.

Jake woke up this morning and snuggled up to me. He said "I'm pretending to be a snap dragon. I have a love key."

Then he put his fist between my arm and side and twisted. And crawled under my arm and gave me a kiss.

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Gotta catch up a bit. No pictures of 3 because the stir fry wasn't very photogenic and 4 because the sandwich was, well, a sandwich.

So the pork stir fry was pretty good. The spicy pork did well in the stir fry. I did steam the broccoli first because I wanted the boys to eat some. Jason added Oyster sauce to his and I added a bit more soy sauce to mine. Aside from not having the peppers that was the only change I made.

The sandwiches I did just like the recipes (with no peppers again. I can't stomach bell peppers). They were really good. The bananas were okay. I wish I'd left off the cinnamon. I did put them under the broiler, so it was kind of like bananas foster only without the liquor.

Thyme scented polenta with vegetable ragu. Also not photogenic, but whatevs. It'd get boring reading all this with no photos.

This is the meal that didn't sound appealing at all. Every time I brought it up Jason turned his nose up at it, and I wasn't all that hip on it either. Which is why we just had it tonight, instead of Friday like we were supposed to. So we were both surprised when it was our favorite meal so far. The polenta is seriously good. Which is nice, because I didn't halve the recipe and we have a LOT of polenta. The veggies were also really good and paired well with the polenta. I left out the 2 cups of veggie stock because I wanted cooked veggies, not vegetable soup, on my polenta. They were really good, but I wish I had thrown in some leftover bacon because that would have just taken it over the top into awesome.

Jake liked the polenta, but didn't touch the veggies. Erik didn't try any of it. I suspect this is more because they had already eaten sandwiches, watermelon, chips and spaghetti. I didn't have the veggies prepped, so it took a bit to put together. It would have come together in about 20 minutes if everything was prepped and I just had to throw it into the pan though. I'll definitely prep for this coming week.

After this I'm more apt to try some of the dishes for next week I was going to replace (I'm looking at you, ham wrapped cantaloupe). I'll also probably skip making my own BBQ sauce and use the Stubb's that we love.
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I was so nervous for him this morning. Erik and I were up at 7, but he slept until 7:30. Then Jason came in and said everyone was out waiting for the bus already and he freaked, wanting to get on the bus. Cue the mad dash around the house to get him dressed, his backpack loaded and all that. We opened the door just in time to see all the parents going home and the bus turning the corner.

That was FINE with me. I had planned all along to drive him, because that makes it easy for me to just go on to the park and exercise. It also meant that I was able to make him breakfast, and he had time to eat it. We are in the middle of the bus route, so they are on the bus for no less than 35 minutes. He'll ride the bus home, so hopefully that will fulfill his bus quota for the day and I can keep driving him in the morning.

I wasn't able to walk him to his classroom from the car line drop off doors. They wanted me to walk all the way around to the front, when my intention was to show him how to get to his classroom from where I'd drop him off in the morning. The lady said they had adults inside helping them, and yelled for her a couple of times but I never saw her. Then the door lady took him inside and said she'd find her. This does not make for a happy nervous parent.

Which is funny because if you hung out with me you'd say that I'm fairly "fly be free!" with my kids. That's only if they stay within sight though. I don't care if they run fairly far ahead of me outside or whatever, as long as I can see them. Letting them go without me to find a classroom in a building I had trouble navigating? Terrifying.

But he'll be home in 3 short hours and I have more things I should be worrying about. For the record, knowing that doesn't help.

Onward to The Fresh 20 meal, day 2!

I didn't take a picture because by the time it was done I was starving and couldn't be bothered. Last night it was Greek Fish with Tuscan green beans and rice. The fish ended up being very lemon-y. Once again, Jason liked it, but I thought it lacked a bit. I wish I'd used a bit more salt, pepper and oregano and maybe thrown another spice or two in there. We used Tilapia filets because Jason likes only white fish that doesn't really taste. It was fine, just blah for me. The green beans took WAY longer than 6 minutes to cook. Like 20 minutes. This could be that I'm a typical Southerner and I don't want my green beans to crunch. I liked the addition of garlic and onion but could have done without the tomato. I feel like I wasted a perfectly good garden grown tomato that I could have had a fabulous sandwich with today.

We had wild rice instead of brown because we like it better. Tonight's meal (pork stir fry) calls for more brown rice but I think I'll go white this time.

I'm starting to get a feel for her meals. I really like that they're all fresh, and it feels good to eat. They need to be kicked up a notch here and there though. And I can't see my kids eating any of her menu. Jake tried the pork and then ran for his milk (can't blame him there). He wanted nothing to do with the fish and even Erik turned his nose up at the green beans, which he usually slurps up by the handful.

If she calls for green beans again, I might "cheat" and bring out the Double Luck.
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Last night was my first night of The Fresh 20 menu. The meal was spiced pork and shaved radish salad. Spicy pork was too spicy for me, but Jason liked it. He said he couldn't taste the honey at all, and neither could I because my mouth was on fire. I'm not sure if that's because our paprika is "Hungarian Hot Paprika" or if it was supposed to be that way, but wow.

The shaved radish and carrot salad was nice and fresh, but with the paprika in it was a bit hot as well. Definitely sweet with all the honey. I liked it, but I should have remembered to halve the recipe because we had a butt load of it.

The avocado slices on the side were awesome, and managed to cool my mouth off a bit.

Forgot to take a picture until we were almost done. Heh.

It came together pretty quickly, mainly due to the use of my food processor to grate the carrot and radish (I threw a cucumber from the garden in there as well). I think if you were doing it with a mandolin, or heavens forbid, a hand grater, it would be quite tedious.


Jul. 10th, 2013 10:37 am
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*sigh* Talk to me about Flickr alternatives. I've about had it with all the "improvements" making it load slow as molasses and not letting me edit anything.

P.S. I have almost 6,000 photos stored there, so something that will auto import would be nice.
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I had been slowly working with Zane all week in anticipation of riding him at the end. I knew he would be a pain, having been a total pasture ornament for more than 4 years. The last time he'd had anyone on his back was exactly 4 years ago, when he gave a man the ride of his life (and nearly death). Too bad he's removed the video.

Anyway, before that it had been since I was pregnant with Jake that I'd ridden him. I wasn't afraid of him because honestly he's always been a very level headed and quite lazy mount. But I did want to make sure his ground manners were somewhat present and that the gas, steering and brakes all worked without any backfires.

So the first day I went into the pasture with a halter and lead and a handful of carrots. It became apparent fairly quickly that he was herd bound with his little band of mares. It took a swat with the end of the lead to get him to take even one step away from them. The next day, I took my dressage whip. He was a bit more attentive, but still didn't want to go far from the mares.

The next day he seemed to be listening a bit better so after our leading session I knotted the end of the lead through the other side of the halter and hopped on him. With the mares right in front of him (and my Dad telling me the whole time that I was nuts) we walked forward a few steps, left a couple, right a couple and whoa'd. Then I hopped off.

My plan was to lunge him without tack the next day, with tack the day after and the day after that I would actually ride. But then it started raining. And raining. And raining. And three days went by and then it was Saturday and I was determined to ride even if it meant we both got drenched.

Once I penned up the mares, the bugling started. It never really stopped, but he did quit doing it constantly after a while. Once he saw the actual tack, and realized I meant to *gasp* put it on him, the nervous pacing started.

At this point I was basically making him walk circles around me if he wouldn't stand still. My proper saddle pad was filthy and sopping wet from my ineffectual efforts to clean it with the hose, so I was trying to use this western saddle blanket. It didn't work out, and eventually I just went with no pad. Also, I'm well aware that the noseband is all jacked up. I didn't want it to be tight at all so he wouldn't feel trapped.

Getting the girth on took a while. He would walk in circles for 5 minutes, then stop for 1. As soon as I went to tighten the girth around we went again.

Eventually I got him all tacked up, got my helmet and gloves on and asked Dad to bring me the lunge line.

Course, I hadn't been able to find my lunge whip so I was stuck using the dressage whip. He did figure that out... eventually. But not before any suggestion that he work caused a nice little buck and kick out maneuver. Jason was on camera duty and wasn't able to get any of pictures of those.

So around and around we went until the head came down a bit and he started listening to me. And then...

I was up! As an aside, I'm so making myself a mounting block before my next trip down there. Getting him to stand next to the fence long enough for me to haul my butt into the saddle was a royal pain.

He's mid whinny here. See his nostrils? Haha. My goal was to stay off his sides, and as light on his back and mouth as possible. We did big figure 8's in the front yard, never getting close enough to the horizon line for him to see the mares (who were penned up down the hill). I didn't want to push it.

I can't tell if it's because I'm fat, or the grass is so high or what but I feel like I look really big on him. Like he's a pony or something. But he's a solid 15.2hh.

One of the better halts, near the end. Course, he's still looking for the ladies.

The whole thing left me with a huge grin. My Dad said he was amazed Zane did so well. I told him you just have to be patient, and he said that you really had to be more stubborn than the horse. :)
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A few of my favorites from this last trip. The ride on Zane will get its own entry. :)

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Probably because after having no caffeine for about 2 weeks I had two big diet cokes today.

I was laying in bed awake when Jake pitter pattered in. I said that I should make him go back to his own bed. To which he replied, "but you won't because you like me a really, really lot."

Very true.

Now if I could just get tired enough to get some sleep...


Jun. 26th, 2013 04:11 pm
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So my hair used to have a tiny amount of wave in it that about 10 minutes after waking up would be gone completely. Then it was stick straight. I remember trying to get a perm in the 80's and having to have the rollers heat set because the chemicals alone weren't enough. Pregnancy changed all that. Now my hairs are pretty wavy almost curly.

This is after air drying all night. No curling iron, no blow dryer. That's fun. :)

Also, my pallet garden is going great guns now that I've moved it into full sun.

No fruit yet, but I have tiny tomatoes on all the plants, small jalapenos and the cukes are covered in blooms. Something ate my onions (I suspect bunnies, which is more than okay with me) and the swiss chard is still kind of struggling but I hope it takes off this fall.

Can't wait for all these tomatoes to get big enough to eat! They're all heirlooms. NOM NOM
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As we went by a nearby Church...

Jason: Hunh. That's funny. I've never seen a Roman Baptist Church before. You wouldn't think there'd be any given that whole John the Baptist thing. I mean, Rome didn't really treat them well. Although myth has it that he did give them the finger as he was killed.

Me: Honey, it's a Romanian Baptist Church.
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The only problem with the infinity scroll on LJ is that if you forget to open the post to comment in a new window then it resets to the top. :P

First world problems. I know.

Good days

Jun. 22nd, 2013 08:53 am
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Yesterday I spent the whole day doing whatever Jake wanted (with some direction and limitations). Since I had spent all of Thursday working on an epic Ruggle and the boys were good at entertaining themselves I said that we'd have a day focusing on them.

We started out playing games on the computer, jumping on the beds and generally being silly around the house. Then we dropped by the Kia dealership to drop off the repair estimate and getting them starting on ordering parts. After that we went to a local park playground and had a blast. I met a professional bodybuilder who was quite impressive. She was there with her two year old and was quite nice, if rather chatty. Before long I knew that she was a recovering addict and alcoholic. (Why does that always happen to me?)

We spent a good two hours there and just as we were getting ready to leave Jake fell and scraped his knee and hand pretty good. He's super reactive to that sort of thing and screamed for me to do something and fix it pretty much the whole way home. Meanwhile Erik fell asleep. LOL

Spent some time cleaning him up and applying multiple bandaids and it was all better. Had some lunch and some quiet time while Erik napped. Then we played some more, had dinner and went to the pool to end our day with a couple of hours of swimming.

Days like that are nice and point out how Jake does better with a lot of attention. I've made a concerted effort to get us outside more this summer, for all our sakes.

Speaking of, I've lost 2 pounds! The combination of My Fitness Pal and the Fitbit are really working for me. Plus I'm super motivated this time around. I want my rewards!

Today should be another good day. We're going to a couple of local outdoor stores that were recommended by archers and I'm going to get fitted for a bow! (Fitted? Paired with? I dunno.) Jason's getting me a bow for my birthday, which is a long way off still but I want to go and see what the experts recommend. I've always been interested in bows, crossbows and archery and I can't wait.


Jun. 14th, 2013 09:53 am
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Last night I decided to take a short break from the kids and make a run to Publix for dinner. About halfway there I stopped while about 4 cars ahead of me a person turned left. I hear a squeal and glance into my rearview just in time to see a white car SLAM into me. Luckily my reflexes were fast enough to jam my foot down on the brake so although I did jump forward I didn't hit the person in front of me.

I wasn't hurt but I tensed every muscle in my body and my shoulders are sore this morning. Thankfully he wasn't hurt either, but his car was totaled. My bumper is wrecked, but that's the only damage my car took.

It took the police a while to get there even though when I called 911 she told me someone else had already reported it. And I called as soon as I made sure the guy was okay. I think he was starting to ask if we could just work it out but I just told him I was calling. Just after that the skies opened up and the rain came down. In the middle of the downpour he came up to my passenger window and asked if they were coming and said that he hated accidents. The way he spoke made me think he was drunk. I told the officer but they determined he was just a bit slow.

The officer verified his insurance and then let me go with the little card they give you so you can look up the accident report. He said the report would show it was his fault and then he told me to go. The guy told me he had a tow coming for him but he was still sitting there with the police officer when I went back by after going to the grocery store. My best friend said it was still there this morning.

I'm hoping this is the last of our bad luck. Our downstairs AC went out earlier this week and we had to get it repaired. Just before we went to the farm Dad fell off a ladder and hurt his back pretty bad. That same day my sister had a wreck.

I will definitely be making the boys drive trucks or SUVs when they get old enough though.

My car:

His car:
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I just strung my cucumbers. A couple have flowers already, even though they're only about 4" tall. My tomatillo is covered in flowers. I have two jalapeno peppers getting to be a good size. The other tomatoes are really growing since I moved the pallets into full sun. Unfortunately, I think it's too much for my rainbow chard. I might have to scavenge another package of seeds and replant this fall. I could have a nice little micro-greens salad with them, but I don't think they'll get very big.

My rainbow carrots are getting really big, but I know I have to leave them until this fall so the roots will be a good size.

We cleared a few trees out of the backyard that had limbs almost touching the deck and it's amazing how much space it opened up. I can't wait until we actually get the pine trees down and the whole backyard fenced and graded. Probably in 2015 since next year we're doing the kitchen.


Jun. 9th, 2013 11:32 pm
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Visual proof that Zane is still derpy as ever. LOL

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