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Feb. 13th, 2012 04:15 pm
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I had a bittersweet moment yesterday when I dropped the baby stuff at a consignment sale. Swing, bouncy seat, jumperoo, all of it is gone now. *sniff* I think I'm done having kids, but it still makes me feel a little empty that I won't be pregnant again. If we win the lottery...

Anyway, I do have a few things the sale won't take up for grabs and I know a few of you on my flist are pregnant so I thought I'd throw them up here.

Boy clothes: Mostly NB to 12 months. These all have almost imperceptible stains. Most of them are rust stains from the snaps. Still good for kicking around in. I'll stuff them in a bag and ship to whoever wants them. Free to a good home. ;)

Bottles: I have a full set of Dr. Brown's bottles. Like these:

If anybody's interested, I'll go count everything. I only used the smallest bottles, and only like 2 of those a handful of times.

Manual Breast Pump: Avent one like this:

Again, used only a handful of times.

I can take pictures of the bottles and pump if anyone's interested. I'm going for best offer and a good home. LOL
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I finally went into labor this morning. Erik Louis was born at 8:38pm, 9 lbs 13 oz., 21.5″ long. I’ll work on the birth story and post it later. :)


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How far along?: 37 weeks today
How big is baby? At last Thursday's ultrasound he was 8lb 10oz
Weight gain? Oh god let's not go there
Stretch marks? Yep. Same as last time, mostly on my ass. :lol
Maternity clothes? For everything but PJs.
Sleep?: Not really. Getting up every two hours to pee
Best moment this week: Seeing him smile and "breathe" on the US
Food cravings?: meat! Lots of meat for some reason
Gender? Boy
Movement?: Too much. Haha
Belly button? totally out. Jake likes to push it like a button. *snort*
What I miss? Being able to sleep on my belly
Labor signs? irregular, unorganized contractions for the past 3 days. Figures our Norse named child (Erik) would threaten his arrival during snowpocalypse.
What I'm looking forward to? Having him OUT. I'm uncomfortable already.
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35 weeks, 4 days

I really don't think I can get much bigger. LOL

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As promised. :)

27 week belly pic. Ignore the face and hair. This was the only appropriate shirt I could squeeze in to. LOL

Our three pumpkins. Jason's on the left, Jake's in the middle and mine on the right.

Yoda Jake!

Making his Jack O Lantern.

Baby #2

Jul. 16th, 2010 12:23 pm
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Got to see the new child I'm cooking for the first time today. With Jake I seemed to get an ultrasound every time I went to the doc, but I suspect that's the difference between seeing an OB and seeing Midwives. Totally worth it, btw. I can wait to see if it means a better labor and delivery experience.

Baby's fine and there are no markers for anything bad. I'm doing the non-invasive blood test for Downs, trisomy 18 and neural tube defects just because but so far everything looks good.

I'm only 12 weeks so they couldn't say with any degree of certainty whether it was a boy or girl but both the ultrasound tech and the doc guessed boy (with lots of caveats that they could be wrong and assurances from me that I wouldn't run out and paint everything blue yet. Not that I'm panting anything blue, but anyway.)

I go back August 30th and I'll find out for sure then. I still think it's a girl, but I'm not going to sell all my boy stuff or anything.

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