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Mar. 1st, 2017 10:36 am
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I didn't take as many this trip as I usually do because I was helping out working the cows, but I did get a few good shots.

Erik, Jake, Ginger (my sister) and Callahan (my nephew).

The boys decided I needed flowers in my hair.

Covered in blood with cow snot in my hair is my happy place. Haha

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A few of my favorites from this last trip. The ride on Zane will get its own entry. :)

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First, the explanation of why I didn't ride Zane. If you've been a friend for a while, you'll remember this but the last time Zane was ridden (to my knowledge) was about 2 years ago and it ended like this. That post is friends locked, so if you aren't on my list, sorry. The video was removed and I failed to have the foresight to download it when I could. Alas.

So anyway, I knew that I would need to lunge Zane and check his gas, steering and brakes before taking off on any kind of ride. That would require me to move quite a bit, and with my level of fitness (extremely low), fat (extremely high) and the temperature (extremely high) that was just asking for heat stroke. As disappointed in myself as I was, I chose to leave that project for the fall when I will hopefully be in better shape, weigh less and it will be cooler.

It's certainly motivation for getting healthy. I'm working on a motivation board with pictures to keep me on track.

But this isn't a fitness and exercise post, it's a picture one. So here we go!

Can you see my grin? I am NOT direct reining him in a curb bit, I promise. I am holding him to a walk as he screams and bugles for his girlfriend in the paddock below us.

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More pictures from this trip later, and an explanation of why I ended up just riding Dagger and leaving Zane for another day. (preview: I'm fat, and have become seriously inside folk.)
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It feels like forever since I posted here. I'm pretty busy today, cleaning carpets and for some godforsaken reason I decided to rearrange the living room, so pictures it is!

Taken by Jason (duh). That white thing is our target. Which ended up looking like...


I can't tell you how many times I sat in the exact same place in the exact same tractor while Daddy worked. Neat that I can share that with Jake.

My Great-Granddad took cotton to be ginned over this bridge using a mule cart. It was built in the late 1800's and was still in use until a logging truck fell through the platform in the 1970's. (You can see where on the right hand side.) The structure is pretty sound, and if I win the lottery I'll have it repaired.

And I will leave you with...

Baby Redonkulous!
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requested: the creek, horses and pics of me and the boys. The creek and horses were easy, but I didn't have my tripod so a proper pic of me and the boys will have to wait until next time. I also got pictures (and video!) of Jake driving the tractors. Unfortunately I managed to get a bit of dirt on the lens at some point so about half the shots I took have black spots on the right. :( All of this trip's batch are on flickr, but here are my 10 favorites.

Cox Creek, which runs through our property

Me and Erik


Ba Donk A Donk

Jake offering Czar a rock

Dad and Erik

Branding heifers

Controlled burning the pastures


Jake in the farm truck
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I'm headed to the farm to visit Dad in a few minutes. Since I feel like I take pictures of the same old things, I thought I'd put it out there if anyone wants to make a request, I'll try to get a picture of it. I'm there through Wednesday afternoon, and I'll check my mails and stuff. So if there's something you want me to take a picture of, leave me a comment and I'll do my best. :)
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Here's one that I especially liked. :)

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This is the last installment of pictures from this trip. :)

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Current count at the farm: 36 cats, 14 dogs. I only know the names of a handful of them. All of these pictures are of a different cat.

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I can't decide which of those two sunset pictures I like best. I haven't done any processing on any of these pictures yet, so maybe when I mess with them I'll decide.
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Having a lovely time down here on the farm. Jake and Dad are napping, and after that we'll be going into Midway to see Zane. He's keeping some cows company on some land my Dad leases, so he's not here with the others. I've taken lots of pics but don't feel like I've taken enough since I have 700+ before the card is full. Expect a big picture dump when I get back home.

The only bad thing is that it's been HOT. With the heat index, every afternoon has been 100* or better. We are playing outside in the morning, coming in around 11 or 12 and not going back out until at least 4, but it doesn't really start to cool off until 8.

Jake has gotten a huge kick out of sitting in every piece of equipment down here from the antique Ford tractor to the backhoe. I have pictures, but in some of them you can barely see his head. LOL His favorite thing in the world right now is the Gator (basically a more rugged version of a golf cart) and I'd bet we've driven every one of the ~500 acres down here on the thing plus explored most of the roads as well. Our faithful sidekick in our Gator adventures has been Sadie (my favorite dog down here) who rides in the little truck bed the thing has on the back.

I'd go into long, rambling, sappy detail about how I love this land and feel a great connection to it and wish I could be here all the time but I need to go wake up my son and Father so we can go mess with cows and horses. :)
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I have lots of little things, but only one thing. My thing is horses. I remember when I was a preteen (oh right, they call them tweens now) and I would spend hours pouring over State Line Tack and Dover catalogs carefully choosing tack and all manner of accoutrements - picking one of everything to stock my imaginary barn and equip the horse who lived there.

Of course, I had a real horse too, but with him so far away at Dad's and me riding so infrequently he was near imaginary. Lessons were out of the question. I think I took two until I had a job of my own. Then other things were more important: school, boys.

After college I got back into the scene. I took lessons. Dad finally made good on a promise to buy me a horse he'd made years before. I struggled to keep him boarded when I lived in Birmingham, then got tired of the political and social crap that seems to inhabit every boarding barn and moved him to Dad's. Sort of fell out of it again what with marriage and Jake.

But horses are never far from my mind and always in my heart. After the incident with Zane I was surfing around online, catching up on the latest happenings and such. Jason asked me if I was getting back into it. I replied that I was always in it, I just push it to the background when being more involved isn't feasible. But oh, how I love and miss snorgling a pony's neck.

So what's your thing?

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