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Jake had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party yesterday. Many friends and one classmate came. I think next year I'll just invite the whole damn class, since he invited 7 friends and only 1 showed up. Anyway, I didn't make near as much stuff this time as I usually do, owing to the fact there was a lot of mass market merch readily available in his chosen theme. I did make ninja masks and mutagen ooze* and I folded 5 origami ninja stars for a simple party game, but that was it. I also had temporary tattoos for everyone. I didn't take a lot of pictures, unfortunately.

Course, 10 minutes after they all got here they were huddled around the Kindle Fire playing Minecraft.

The ninja masks took a while to catch on, but once they did all the kids wanted them.

And the chair picture:

Of course, this is how most of them came out. LOL

*this was way more fun, and more successful than I imagined it would be. The ooze was a big hit as a favor with both the boys and the girls. I have plenty of borax and one bottle of glue left, so this will be a summer activity as well. How to located here.
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Jake just stripped completely naked. Then he ran down the hall, sing-songing "I'm going to the store!" and on his way back, yelling "don't bite my shiny butt!"

Never a dull moment folks.


Aug. 19th, 2013 09:27 am
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This will make no sense to those not playing Plants Vs Zombies 2.

Jake woke up this morning and snuggled up to me. He said "I'm pretending to be a snap dragon. I have a love key."

Then he put his fist between my arm and side and twisted. And crawled under my arm and gave me a kiss.

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Probably because after having no caffeine for about 2 weeks I had two big diet cokes today.

I was laying in bed awake when Jake pitter pattered in. I said that I should make him go back to his own bed. To which he replied, "but you won't because you like me a really, really lot."

Very true.

Now if I could just get tired enough to get some sleep...

Good days

Jun. 22nd, 2013 08:53 am
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Yesterday I spent the whole day doing whatever Jake wanted (with some direction and limitations). Since I had spent all of Thursday working on an epic Ruggle and the boys were good at entertaining themselves I said that we'd have a day focusing on them.

We started out playing games on the computer, jumping on the beds and generally being silly around the house. Then we dropped by the Kia dealership to drop off the repair estimate and getting them starting on ordering parts. After that we went to a local park playground and had a blast. I met a professional bodybuilder who was quite impressive. She was there with her two year old and was quite nice, if rather chatty. Before long I knew that she was a recovering addict and alcoholic. (Why does that always happen to me?)

We spent a good two hours there and just as we were getting ready to leave Jake fell and scraped his knee and hand pretty good. He's super reactive to that sort of thing and screamed for me to do something and fix it pretty much the whole way home. Meanwhile Erik fell asleep. LOL

Spent some time cleaning him up and applying multiple bandaids and it was all better. Had some lunch and some quiet time while Erik napped. Then we played some more, had dinner and went to the pool to end our day with a couple of hours of swimming.

Days like that are nice and point out how Jake does better with a lot of attention. I've made a concerted effort to get us outside more this summer, for all our sakes.

Speaking of, I've lost 2 pounds! The combination of My Fitness Pal and the Fitbit are really working for me. Plus I'm super motivated this time around. I want my rewards!

Today should be another good day. We're going to a couple of local outdoor stores that were recommended by archers and I'm going to get fitted for a bow! (Fitted? Paired with? I dunno.) Jason's getting me a bow for my birthday, which is a long way off still but I want to go and see what the experts recommend. I've always been interested in bows, crossbows and archery and I can't wait.
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Jake turned 5 yesterday. I feel very cliche when I say how the eff did that happen, but how the eff did that happen? I swear every year is going faster and faster. The more I try to slow down and enjoy everything, the faster it goes.

last year's chair pic )
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Me, talking to the boys: You guys getting hungry?
Jake: a little bit.
Me: How about you guys take me out to dinner since Daddy's not here*?
Jake: How? We don't even know how to drive!

*annual boys trip to the A-Day game


Apr. 16th, 2013 04:36 pm
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So the Birmingham Zoo has an exhibit which features animatronic dinosaurs. Mom and I took the boys while I was there, and it was well worth the extra $5 ticket. I've never been to Dinos Alive or anything like that, so it was my first time seeing big, moving dinosaurs as well.

The T Rex was my favorite moment, but there were a pair of raptors that were my favorite dinosaurs. Those things creeped me right the fuck out. I mean, you totally got the sensation of being hunted and about to be dinner.

But the T Rex was fun. Jake was so excited to see it.

Erik on the other hand, was outta there as soon as it roared. Smart kid. It didn't scare him, he was just not about to stick around. Haha

As usual, more on Flickr.

On another note about Birmingham, I'm kind of sad that Mom's time there is coming to a close. I like the Birmingham Zoo so much better than Atlanta's. I will miss Costa's Mediterranean Greek salad like whoa. I love that Birmingham has Franklin's and if blindfolded and driven around you could still know instantly what part of town you're in. Atlanta is so... I dunno. Mixed up and homogenous in a way.

But having Mom here? Yeah, that trumps all that.
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Mom had me rolling with laughter tonight. The boys were going crazy in her room and I heard Jake say that he had to pee. Then Mom says well get in the bathroom and pee. No big deal. But then the conversation went something like this (all Mom):

What's going on in there?
What are you doing now?
Why is Erik in there?
OMG Kenzie get in here!
Did you hear me?!? KENZIE GET IN HERE

And then it just sort of devolved into unintelligible sputtering. By that time I was in hysterics. Turns out she thought Erik had gone in there and stuck his hand in the flow of Jake's pee. He hadn't. He does that often, just standing next to Jake while he pees.

It was mostly the mounting hysteria, added with her horror that he was touching anything after coming out of the bathroom, but it's still making me laugh.
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Last night as we were about to fall asleep Jake says "Mommy? Sometimes Mommies and Daddies - like you and Daddy - take a long time to pee and poop."
I replied that yes, sometimes they do.
Jake: Like Daddy.
Me: Yes, he does take a while.
Jake: But you don't.
Me: No, I don't like to spend a lot of time in the bathroom.
Jake: That's because you're FAN.TAS.TIC.


Day One

Dec. 1st, 2012 08:04 am
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So I've decided that to get back in the swing of things I'm going to post at least once a day in December. Now that it's out there I have to do it, right?

Yesterday I made an advent calendar for the boys. It turned out pretty cute, but I missed my math on the pockets so I have to make the craft sticks I'm using for the activities shorter. I'll probably do that next year though. I'm planning on posting a tutorial over on the Bewhiskered blog. I have a tutorial for the car wallets I made for Jake's 4th birthday party in my head as well. Maybe I can get those things done now that I'm off customs for the season.

Other projects I want to work on during the break include my red riding hood coat that I've had the materials for forever but haven't even opened the pattern and Erik's 2nd birthday party. I also need to make teacher gifts and figure out what I'm getting everyone for Christmas. My niece wants a giant Ruggle for her bedroom, so she's taken care of but everyone else? No clue.

Today the advent calendar is going to tell Jake we're decorating the house and yard so I'd better go get ready for that.

Oh, and Roll Tide! I love my team and hope they win, but honestly just knowing someone from the SEC is going up against Notre Dame makes me giddy. We finally get a chance to shut them up with their we just need a chance and we can beat the snot out of an SEC team talk. But talking football to people who aren't into it is boring so I'll stop. :)`
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Jake "ran away from home" yesterday. He said he was going away, so I told him to stay on the sidewalk. He said okay, then made it in front of the neighbor's house before sitting down on the sidewalk to pout. LOL He's been... a rather difficult child lately. I'm trying to be patient while we both figure out a way to deal with his newfound propensity to whine and cry as a default reaction to anything he doesn't like. Ugh.

Also, school is out today for the election and it's raining. So my brilliant plan to take the boys to the park after voting and get them thoroughly exhausted is out. I'm contemplating risking a trip to Catch Air - one of those indoor play places with bouncy things and obstacle houses and such. But I really hate it and I'm guessing it's going to be crowded as all get out. Maybe I can do a drive by and see if it's crowded without the boys noticing? Bwahahahaha.

I'm downloading WoW onto Jason's computer. My little laptop can no longer handle it. I've got a free account so I can explore the new panda areas. I'm thinking about activating my real account for one month after all of my Bewhiskered customs are taken care of. I'm already closing customs for most of the holidays and all of January, so adding WoW to my break might be nice. But I have a ton of other stuff I want to get done, plus Erik's 2nd birthday party to plan so I dunno.
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Jake: Mommy, you're FIRED!
Me: Alright. I don't have to fix you this snack then. I'm going to go sit on the couch and watch TV.
Jake: Wait, wait, wait. You're not fired. You have to fix me the snack now, right?
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First, the explanation of why I didn't ride Zane. If you've been a friend for a while, you'll remember this but the last time Zane was ridden (to my knowledge) was about 2 years ago and it ended like this. That post is friends locked, so if you aren't on my list, sorry. The video was removed and I failed to have the foresight to download it when I could. Alas.

So anyway, I knew that I would need to lunge Zane and check his gas, steering and brakes before taking off on any kind of ride. That would require me to move quite a bit, and with my level of fitness (extremely low), fat (extremely high) and the temperature (extremely high) that was just asking for heat stroke. As disappointed in myself as I was, I chose to leave that project for the fall when I will hopefully be in better shape, weigh less and it will be cooler.

It's certainly motivation for getting healthy. I'm working on a motivation board with pictures to keep me on track.

But this isn't a fitness and exercise post, it's a picture one. So here we go!

Can you see my grin? I am NOT direct reining him in a curb bit, I promise. I am holding him to a walk as he screams and bugles for his girlfriend in the paddock below us.

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Me: Jake, if we're going to the park today we need to leave before it gets too hot.
Jake: Why?
M: Because if it's hot outside, it won't be any fun.
J: Oh, don't worry Mommy. The park is always fun.

A reminder that when you're 3 years old, you're an expert on fun and adults should bow to your wisdom.
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We had a good visit this weekend at Mom's.

She had bought Puss in Boots, so we watched that. Then Jake watched it another 10 times. Then she took pity on me and let me bring it home because she recognized the trend. He has since asked me at least a dozen times what a dance fight is. I keep trying to explain it, using various terminology, but honestly I think he just wants to hear it the same way over and over.

It's really cute, by the way. Nothing scary. Well, nothing that scared my incredibly sensitive 3 year old anyway.


Mar. 12th, 2012 09:59 pm
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On the way home from Birmingham today, after a stop at the gas station I forgot to buckle Jake's car seat. He told me as we were on the interstate on ramp, so I quickly pulled over to buckle him in. I told him I was sorry I forgot, and thanked him for telling me so quickly so he could stay safe.

He laughed and said "It's okay. You're just a naughty Mommy."

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Me: (after talking about Halloween for a bit) but Halloween is over. Now we're on to Thanksgiving!

Jake: I'm thankful for combines.

Me: Okay.

Jake: What's Erik thankful for?

Me: I'm not sure. What do you think he's thankful for?

Jake: (looks at Erik nursing) Boobs.


Big boobs.

Me: *blink* Yes, I suppose he is thankful for boobs.

BTW, this resulted in a 10 minute conversation about boobs, who has them, who doesn't and whether they're big or little.
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Both boys are sick. Jake got the snots first yesterday afternoon, then Erik started. Of course Erik's about to cut the two bottom front teeth so he's drooling like crazy too. At this point, he reminds me of Moist from Dr. Horrible. Poor baby is miserable, which made for a less than stellar night. Jake's trucking right along and his only concession is to stop every now and again and wipe his nose on his sleeve or ask for a tissue. (The former more often than I'd like.)

Of course, I now am feeling scratchy throated and stopped up nosed myself. :(
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It feels like forever since I posted here. I'm pretty busy today, cleaning carpets and for some godforsaken reason I decided to rearrange the living room, so pictures it is!

Taken by Jason (duh). That white thing is our target. Which ended up looking like...


I can't tell you how many times I sat in the exact same place in the exact same tractor while Daddy worked. Neat that I can share that with Jake.

My Great-Granddad took cotton to be ginned over this bridge using a mule cart. It was built in the late 1800's and was still in use until a logging truck fell through the platform in the 1970's. (You can see where on the right hand side.) The structure is pretty sound, and if I win the lottery I'll have it repaired.

And I will leave you with...

Baby Redonkulous!

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