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Probably because after having no caffeine for about 2 weeks I had two big diet cokes today.

I was laying in bed awake when Jake pitter pattered in. I said that I should make him go back to his own bed. To which he replied, "but you won't because you like me a really, really lot."

Very true.

Now if I could just get tired enough to get some sleep...


Jun. 26th, 2013 04:11 pm
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So my hair used to have a tiny amount of wave in it that about 10 minutes after waking up would be gone completely. Then it was stick straight. I remember trying to get a perm in the 80's and having to have the rollers heat set because the chemicals alone weren't enough. Pregnancy changed all that. Now my hairs are pretty wavy almost curly.

This is after air drying all night. No curling iron, no blow dryer. That's fun. :)

Also, my pallet garden is going great guns now that I've moved it into full sun.

No fruit yet, but I have tiny tomatoes on all the plants, small jalapenos and the cukes are covered in blooms. Something ate my onions (I suspect bunnies, which is more than okay with me) and the swiss chard is still kind of struggling but I hope it takes off this fall.

Can't wait for all these tomatoes to get big enough to eat! They're all heirlooms. NOM NOM
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I've delved hot and heavy into planning my next tattoo over the last couple of days. I found an artist I really like and submitted my idea to her. (Char Hall). She's in California somewhere but is coming to North Carolina in October, which is pretty nice since that's my birthday month anyway.

She's very good with animals and I'll be getting a wolf on my left shoulder blade, opposite my dragon. I might try to find an artist local to Atlanta that I like but just looking around online I haven't found anyone.

Now I'm looking for someone to design it. I was going to go with a medieval sort of look and just draw it myself since I wanted it on all fours.

Now I've decided to go with more of a whimsical realism feel. I've contacted this artist to see how much she would charge for a wolf version of this:

Although the fox is pretty damn cool too.

This will be a joint celebrate the weight loss goal reward/motivator and a 40th birthday present. :D
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I was going to make an update post but then I took a Tylenol PM to counteract the Excedrin I've had to down today to keep a migraine at bay and then I surfed the internet for a bit and now I'm all loopy and sleepy.


Jan. 14th, 2013 10:12 pm
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So my back's been hurting since Friday. It wasn't like my back was out or anything, just sufficiently twinge-y to get me good every so often and be a general nuisance otherwise.I went for a walk around the neighborhood Saturday afternoon, and that actually seemed to help a bit. Sunday it was unhappy again, but I was still able to move around.

Then this morning, the pain moved into my left hip. All of it. It's persistent and it's so painful it's hard to walk, stand, sit or even lay down much of the time.I'm unsure if I'm falling apart and should see an orthopedic, or if I just slept on it wrong, or if sitting in the chair all day yesterday playing WoW was unwise.

Also, I've realized that I actually prefer to read on my Kindle now. That's quite a revelation since I was dead set against them and considered myself somewhat of a purist when it came to books. But it's just so damn convenient. I don't have to use a hand to keep it open to read. I can set it down on the table and eat while reading only needing a finger to tap to turn the page. I can read at night, in bed just using the back light turned to a dim setting. And - here's the best part - I will never run out of bookshelf space. Oh, I still insist on paper versions of reference and graphics books. The one book I read on my Kindle that included a map the page was laughably unreadable. But yeah. I like reading on the Kindle.
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Like so many others I'm taking the Jan. 1st reset as an opportunity to set some goals for myself. Mainly, I want my health back. I want to get fit so I'm not struggling to play with the boys. So my back doesn't hurt if I sit awkwardly. So my knees won't hurt from carrying the weight around.

At present, my plan of attack is to implement one healthy habit per week. I'm going to start slow and build, because every time I come out of the gate swinging I burn out and crash. I'm going to start with exercise because it's sufficiently hard but still easy. Tomorrow I'm going to see what I can do about cleaning up and making the basement relatively kid friendly so I can work out down there. My goal will be 30 minutes a day but if I get even 5 of dedicated exercise time I'll be happy.
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I'm trying to decide between a circus theme or a zoo theme for Erik's 2nd birthday party. I love the colors and look of the circus, but I don't support traditional circuses so I'm having a hard time with it. I'm over thinking, but it's what I do.


Dec. 7th, 2012 10:27 am
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Burned the crap out of my lips last night roasting marshmallows with the boys. Woke up with a migraine so now I feel like I've been punched repeatedly in the head. Jason's company xmas party is tonight and we have a babysitter and everything so I have to cowboy up but I really don't feel like it. My plan is to go back to bed after I finish this and sleep until I have to pick Jake up from school. After that I should really pick up the upstairs. Then I have to get ready.

Also woke up to a big water stain on the ceiling downstairs under our master bath. I'm hoping it's because Jason's sink is stopped up and if I can clear the clog whatever is leaking will clear up too. Otherwise I'm afraid it's going to be a very messy and very expensive repair. :( Sometimes home ownership really sucks.

Day One

Dec. 1st, 2012 08:04 am
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So I've decided that to get back in the swing of things I'm going to post at least once a day in December. Now that it's out there I have to do it, right?

Yesterday I made an advent calendar for the boys. It turned out pretty cute, but I missed my math on the pockets so I have to make the craft sticks I'm using for the activities shorter. I'll probably do that next year though. I'm planning on posting a tutorial over on the Bewhiskered blog. I have a tutorial for the car wallets I made for Jake's 4th birthday party in my head as well. Maybe I can get those things done now that I'm off customs for the season.

Other projects I want to work on during the break include my red riding hood coat that I've had the materials for forever but haven't even opened the pattern and Erik's 2nd birthday party. I also need to make teacher gifts and figure out what I'm getting everyone for Christmas. My niece wants a giant Ruggle for her bedroom, so she's taken care of but everyone else? No clue.

Today the advent calendar is going to tell Jake we're decorating the house and yard so I'd better go get ready for that.

Oh, and Roll Tide! I love my team and hope they win, but honestly just knowing someone from the SEC is going up against Notre Dame makes me giddy. We finally get a chance to shut them up with their we just need a chance and we can beat the snot out of an SEC team talk. But talking football to people who aren't into it is boring so I'll stop. :)`
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More pictures from this trip later, and an explanation of why I ended up just riding Dagger and leaving Zane for another day. (preview: I'm fat, and have become seriously inside folk.)
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In researching time management tips and whatnot I came across a pretty good website about the subject. Their first step is to do a simple exercise. Grab a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side, list the 5 most important things to you. On the other, list the 5 things you spend the most time on. Order doesn't matter, just jot them down.

For me, it was an eye opener. I mean, I already knew I was out of balance but wow. Now the challenge will be to get them more in line.
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Both boys are sick. Jake got the snots first yesterday afternoon, then Erik started. Of course Erik's about to cut the two bottom front teeth so he's drooling like crazy too. At this point, he reminds me of Moist from Dr. Horrible. Poor baby is miserable, which made for a less than stellar night. Jake's trucking right along and his only concession is to stop every now and again and wipe his nose on his sleeve or ask for a tissue. (The former more often than I'd like.)

Of course, I now am feeling scratchy throated and stopped up nosed myself. :(
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Yesterday morning Jake and Erik woke up at 5:30am. Jake had passed out on the couch around 4 the afternoon before, and slept until he woke everyone up. I kept him in bed as long as I could and then brought him downstairs to watch TV and eat breakfast while I cleaned up myself and Erik and got Jason up.

We went to a local town center that has a fountain where we were meeting [livejournal.com profile] greenstripe and her kids. We had fun for a while and then an entire daycare showed up the same time Lori did. I called another nearby town with a fountain that was more appropriate to play in but there were 2 daycares there. We decided to move anyway since the other town center has an ice cream shop.

Although it was very crowded the kids had a blast (Jake could literally stay there all day). It was in the low 90's and there's not much shade but I did what I could to keep Erik and I cool (without getting wet). After getting the boys in dry clothes we had ice cream. Overall a lovely morning.

Not long after I got home I realized I may have gotten too hot as a migraine hit me hard. Before long I was throwing up, with Jake in the other room asking me what that noise was. The third time I threw up he came in to watch and then told me how disgusting it was. LOL The fourth time he was telling me not to throw up and make that noise. *snort*

Then he disappeared for a while. I got up to get new ice packs and when I came downstairs I discovered a blanket of white over everything in my living room. EVERYTHING. Jake had gotten a full shaker of baby powder and emptied in the living room. The chairs, couch, floor, tv stand, all of his toys - hell even the CAT had baby powder on him. I kind of stood there, stunned, and then took what little remained in the shaker and put it up. Got my ice packs. Called Jason and told him I needed reinforcements and to come home. And then I went back to bed.

I wish now I had taken a picture, but I didn't. I asked Jason later if he had thought to but of course he didn't. Jason vacuumed a couple of times but I'm still going to have a lot of cleaning to do today.

I'm also going to see if I can find a neurologist. I need a new GP too. I hate Dr. shopping, but I seriously need to go see if they've come out with anything new I can try for these damn headaches.
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Stupid internets. Speaking of, I was thinking earlier about how I really should apply to write for this blog that [livejournal.com profile] pigri sent me info for, and that led to me thinking about how I don't have time to keep up with the sites I routinely read/interact with. So then I started wondering just how many I do interact with.

On a daily basis:
Attack of the Craft (Forum)
Etsy (including a heart/views tracker site)
Twitter (read personal account only)

On an at least once a week basis:
Wordpress Blog for Bewhiskered
Bewhiskered Facebook
Even Badgers... (alternate shopfront)
Hootsuite (twitter/FB posting)
Southern Savers (coupon blog)

More like every two weeks/once a month:
GA Etsy team forum
EtsyMom team forum
Atlanta Mommas forum
Google Reader (currently subscribed to 25 blogs)
Google Analytics

And none of those include all the places I routinely go due to surfing links from various places.

At least now I have a good idea of why I'm up so late. *snort* I also realize I need to cut back on computer time. Or at least manage my time better by planning and writing bewhiskered blog posts in advance and such.
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I'm headed to the farm to visit Dad in a few minutes. Since I feel like I take pictures of the same old things, I thought I'd put it out there if anyone wants to make a request, I'll try to get a picture of it. I'm there through Wednesday afternoon, and I'll check my mails and stuff. So if there's something you want me to take a picture of, leave me a comment and I'll do my best. :)
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9pm: get Jake in bed, read stories and settle down
10pm: Erik wakes up. Head into his room to feed him. Jake gets up 5 minutes later and goes downstairs where Jason is
11pm: Erik finally finishes eating, get Jake back in bed and actually fall asleep
3am: Erik wakes up again
4am: Finish feeding Erik, stumble into my own bed and pass out
4:30am: Jake wakes up screaming blue bloody murder, crawls into bed with me and continues to scream No and ask for things that are downstairs, in the car, etc.
5:30am: Jake finally stops yelling and passes out, so do I
6am: Erik wakes up
7am: I try to put Erik back in his crib, but every time I lay him down he wakes up crying
8am: give up and take Erik into Jake's bed where we both pass out
10am: Jake wakes up for the day.

And this is why I'm sleepy and look like hell.
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Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Emotional. Totally in love with everyone.

Whoever thought snaps were a good idea for infant sleepers that must be negotiated by sleep deprived parents in the middle of the night should be drawn and quartered.
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Oh Hai boobs of gigantic proportions of DOOOOOOOM. I have not missed you at all.

Also, Chunk snorts like a pig when he eats. CUTEST THING EVAR. I'm going to attempt to record it so you can all hear.


Jan. 18th, 2011 04:22 pm
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You know you need lotion on your feet when your toddler runs his hand down the sole of your foot, yanks his hand suddenly away and says "ouch! Sharp!"

I'm a dork

Dec. 19th, 2010 10:00 am
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I kind of want the reindeer costume for my SUV. It's this thing if you haven't seen it:

I think if I'd seen it locally I'd have bought it already. Maybe next year when I can blame it on Jake. :)

ETA: Holy crap, there's a bunny one.


You realize I'll have to get these, right?

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