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Jun. 22nd, 2013 08:53 am
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Yesterday I spent the whole day doing whatever Jake wanted (with some direction and limitations). Since I had spent all of Thursday working on an epic Ruggle and the boys were good at entertaining themselves I said that we'd have a day focusing on them.

We started out playing games on the computer, jumping on the beds and generally being silly around the house. Then we dropped by the Kia dealership to drop off the repair estimate and getting them starting on ordering parts. After that we went to a local park playground and had a blast. I met a professional bodybuilder who was quite impressive. She was there with her two year old and was quite nice, if rather chatty. Before long I knew that she was a recovering addict and alcoholic. (Why does that always happen to me?)

We spent a good two hours there and just as we were getting ready to leave Jake fell and scraped his knee and hand pretty good. He's super reactive to that sort of thing and screamed for me to do something and fix it pretty much the whole way home. Meanwhile Erik fell asleep. LOL

Spent some time cleaning him up and applying multiple bandaids and it was all better. Had some lunch and some quiet time while Erik napped. Then we played some more, had dinner and went to the pool to end our day with a couple of hours of swimming.

Days like that are nice and point out how Jake does better with a lot of attention. I've made a concerted effort to get us outside more this summer, for all our sakes.

Speaking of, I've lost 2 pounds! The combination of My Fitness Pal and the Fitbit are really working for me. Plus I'm super motivated this time around. I want my rewards!

Today should be another good day. We're going to a couple of local outdoor stores that were recommended by archers and I'm going to get fitted for a bow! (Fitted? Paired with? I dunno.) Jason's getting me a bow for my birthday, which is a long way off still but I want to go and see what the experts recommend. I've always been interested in bows, crossbows and archery and I can't wait.


Mar. 12th, 2012 09:59 pm
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On the way home from Birmingham today, after a stop at the gas station I forgot to buckle Jake's car seat. He told me as we were on the interstate on ramp, so I quickly pulled over to buckle him in. I told him I was sorry I forgot, and thanked him for telling me so quickly so he could stay safe.

He laughed and said "It's okay. You're just a naughty Mommy."

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I just had to ask my painting contractor to repeat himself because my 3 year old was crying after running over a ladybug with his bicycle. The funniest thing about that conversation was that he didn't skip a beat, he just repeated the sentence and carried on.
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So this post:

is making the rounds. It's an interesting read, as are some of the comments. As a mother of boys, I know I'll be raising my sons to respect girls and therefore women. But I also understand that they must respect themselves and they also will quite possibly try to interact with girls the same way they do with boys - in other words, wrestling and such. Near the bottom of the comments, a poster named JR King makes this point.

I'm with a couple of the commentors who pointed out that we're doing a disservice to both boys and girls where physical interaction is concerned. I know I was horribly bullied in school and felt like I had very little recourse. One of my bulliers was a teacher, and when I did take action to stop it, it got worse. I hope we're doing a better job now, but I don't know.

With all the Chris Brown at the Grammy's kerflluffle it's a very pertinent read and certainly something that all parents should think about.
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Yesterday morning Jake and Erik woke up at 5:30am. Jake had passed out on the couch around 4 the afternoon before, and slept until he woke everyone up. I kept him in bed as long as I could and then brought him downstairs to watch TV and eat breakfast while I cleaned up myself and Erik and got Jason up.

We went to a local town center that has a fountain where we were meeting [ profile] greenstripe and her kids. We had fun for a while and then an entire daycare showed up the same time Lori did. I called another nearby town with a fountain that was more appropriate to play in but there were 2 daycares there. We decided to move anyway since the other town center has an ice cream shop.

Although it was very crowded the kids had a blast (Jake could literally stay there all day). It was in the low 90's and there's not much shade but I did what I could to keep Erik and I cool (without getting wet). After getting the boys in dry clothes we had ice cream. Overall a lovely morning.

Not long after I got home I realized I may have gotten too hot as a migraine hit me hard. Before long I was throwing up, with Jake in the other room asking me what that noise was. The third time I threw up he came in to watch and then told me how disgusting it was. LOL The fourth time he was telling me not to throw up and make that noise. *snort*

Then he disappeared for a while. I got up to get new ice packs and when I came downstairs I discovered a blanket of white over everything in my living room. EVERYTHING. Jake had gotten a full shaker of baby powder and emptied in the living room. The chairs, couch, floor, tv stand, all of his toys - hell even the CAT had baby powder on him. I kind of stood there, stunned, and then took what little remained in the shaker and put it up. Got my ice packs. Called Jason and told him I needed reinforcements and to come home. And then I went back to bed.

I wish now I had taken a picture, but I didn't. I asked Jason later if he had thought to but of course he didn't. Jason vacuumed a couple of times but I'm still going to have a lot of cleaning to do today.

I'm also going to see if I can find a neurologist. I need a new GP too. I hate Dr. shopping, but I seriously need to go see if they've come out with anything new I can try for these damn headaches.
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Has anyone found a bubble blower that actually works? Either the gun kind or the kind that you just fill and sit somewhere. I've tried one of each from Miracle Bubbles and the gun one worked for a while but doesn't now and the other one is a bottle topper type thing and it won't turn off. Like, seriously. It's been going since Jake turned it on an hour ago, and we've both tried to turn it off. I got it to turn off for a bit, and put it down and it just came back on by itself.

But Jake loves these things so if there's one that works I'd like to get it.
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This morning's plan went like this: Let Jason sleep in until around 11:30, then get him up so he could wake up and take the boys. Then run errands during the heat of the day child free, including getting a pedicure (heaven!). Come home and bake some banana bread and piddle around while Jason did the yard.

Here's how it actually went: Let Jason sleep in until around 11:30, when he woke up on his own and stumbled downstairs. Feed the kids and get Erik down for his nap. Pump some milk just in case. Leave Jake playing in his room upstairs while I finished up my shopping lists and Jason went poop. Jake comes downstairs and starts watching TV.

Get startled out of my gourd when Jason starts yelling "WHAT'S GOING ON UP THERE?" at the top of his lungs. Sprint back upstairs where I find the bathroom door closed. When I open it I am looking at an overflowing sink and about an inch of water on the floor. Jason's still bellowing from the downstairs bathroom, and I can finally answer him that it's under control. Jake has pulled the stopper on the sink, turned the water on, shut the door to the bathroom and blissfully come downstairs like nothing's going on. I relay this to Jason in stilted sentences as I throw everything that was on the floor into the bathtub (after turning the water off, of course) and grab towels to mop up the floor.

At this point Jake realizes he may have forgotten a detail about playing in the sink and is getting upset saying it was an accident. He alternates that with mimicking Jason yelling "WHAT'S GOING ON UP THERE?"

Jason appears in the upstairs bathroom door half soaked with his shirt off looking quite peeved. I asked him if it had come through the ceiling and he said yes, through the vent fan. Then he says "nothing like taking a shit in the rain" at which point I lose it and start laughing uncontrollably. I'm still giggling.

Jason's all about taking care of the house right now so he's peeved, but I can't help but laugh every time I get the mental picture of him in the downstairs bathroom happily pooping when water starts pouring down from the vent directly over him.

This is parenthood people, and it isn't always pretty.

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