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Mouse in the sun after running himself silly so it's not a wall-o-text post:

I've almost reached my Camp Nano goal! I can't really express how excited I am by this. I have never finished a first draft before. Yes, it's crap rough but I figure I'll give it a week to simmer and then do a first edit. My goal is to do a full edit during July's camp. Then I can work on a sequel in November.

Anyway, my goal was 40k, which I figured would be a good start to the 60 or 70k I want to have eventually. I'm just 3k short, which I hope to finish up today. If I can stay off the internet.

Farm Pics

Mar. 1st, 2017 10:36 am
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I didn't take as many this trip as I usually do because I was helping out working the cows, but I did get a few good shots.

Erik, Jake, Ginger (my sister) and Callahan (my nephew).

The boys decided I needed flowers in my hair.

Covered in blood with cow snot in my hair is my happy place. Haha

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With pictures, so I'll cut to spare you. (Pictures are just some of my favorites, and don't necessarily have anything to do with the narrative.)

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Here's a picture of a beautiful spider who has taken up residence in one of our Leland Cyprus trees.

I've never bothered to identify them, but we get one or two each fall. This year we have loads. I suspect because the increased rainfall led to increased insect population, ergo more spiders. That's cool with me since they give me a false sense that we could win the battle with the gigantic mosquitoes and flies.


Jul. 10th, 2013 10:37 am
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*sigh* Talk to me about Flickr alternatives. I've about had it with all the "improvements" making it load slow as molasses and not letting me edit anything.

P.S. I have almost 6,000 photos stored there, so something that will auto import would be nice.
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I had been slowly working with Zane all week in anticipation of riding him at the end. I knew he would be a pain, having been a total pasture ornament for more than 4 years. The last time he'd had anyone on his back was exactly 4 years ago, when he gave a man the ride of his life (and nearly death). Too bad he's removed the video.

Anyway, before that it had been since I was pregnant with Jake that I'd ridden him. I wasn't afraid of him because honestly he's always been a very level headed and quite lazy mount. But I did want to make sure his ground manners were somewhat present and that the gas, steering and brakes all worked without any backfires.

So the first day I went into the pasture with a halter and lead and a handful of carrots. It became apparent fairly quickly that he was herd bound with his little band of mares. It took a swat with the end of the lead to get him to take even one step away from them. The next day, I took my dressage whip. He was a bit more attentive, but still didn't want to go far from the mares.

The next day he seemed to be listening a bit better so after our leading session I knotted the end of the lead through the other side of the halter and hopped on him. With the mares right in front of him (and my Dad telling me the whole time that I was nuts) we walked forward a few steps, left a couple, right a couple and whoa'd. Then I hopped off.

My plan was to lunge him without tack the next day, with tack the day after and the day after that I would actually ride. But then it started raining. And raining. And raining. And three days went by and then it was Saturday and I was determined to ride even if it meant we both got drenched.

Once I penned up the mares, the bugling started. It never really stopped, but he did quit doing it constantly after a while. Once he saw the actual tack, and realized I meant to *gasp* put it on him, the nervous pacing started.

At this point I was basically making him walk circles around me if he wouldn't stand still. My proper saddle pad was filthy and sopping wet from my ineffectual efforts to clean it with the hose, so I was trying to use this western saddle blanket. It didn't work out, and eventually I just went with no pad. Also, I'm well aware that the noseband is all jacked up. I didn't want it to be tight at all so he wouldn't feel trapped.

Getting the girth on took a while. He would walk in circles for 5 minutes, then stop for 1. As soon as I went to tighten the girth around we went again.

Eventually I got him all tacked up, got my helmet and gloves on and asked Dad to bring me the lunge line.

Course, I hadn't been able to find my lunge whip so I was stuck using the dressage whip. He did figure that out... eventually. But not before any suggestion that he work caused a nice little buck and kick out maneuver. Jason was on camera duty and wasn't able to get any of pictures of those.

So around and around we went until the head came down a bit and he started listening to me. And then...

I was up! As an aside, I'm so making myself a mounting block before my next trip down there. Getting him to stand next to the fence long enough for me to haul my butt into the saddle was a royal pain.

He's mid whinny here. See his nostrils? Haha. My goal was to stay off his sides, and as light on his back and mouth as possible. We did big figure 8's in the front yard, never getting close enough to the horizon line for him to see the mares (who were penned up down the hill). I didn't want to push it.

I can't tell if it's because I'm fat, or the grass is so high or what but I feel like I look really big on him. Like he's a pony or something. But he's a solid 15.2hh.

One of the better halts, near the end. Course, he's still looking for the ladies.

The whole thing left me with a huge grin. My Dad said he was amazed Zane did so well. I told him you just have to be patient, and he said that you really had to be more stubborn than the horse. :)
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A few of my favorites from this last trip. The ride on Zane will get its own entry. :)


Jun. 26th, 2013 04:11 pm
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So my hair used to have a tiny amount of wave in it that about 10 minutes after waking up would be gone completely. Then it was stick straight. I remember trying to get a perm in the 80's and having to have the rollers heat set because the chemicals alone weren't enough. Pregnancy changed all that. Now my hairs are pretty wavy almost curly.

This is after air drying all night. No curling iron, no blow dryer. That's fun. :)

Also, my pallet garden is going great guns now that I've moved it into full sun.

No fruit yet, but I have tiny tomatoes on all the plants, small jalapenos and the cukes are covered in blooms. Something ate my onions (I suspect bunnies, which is more than okay with me) and the swiss chard is still kind of struggling but I hope it takes off this fall.

Can't wait for all these tomatoes to get big enough to eat! They're all heirlooms. NOM NOM


Jun. 9th, 2013 11:32 pm
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Visual proof that Zane is still derpy as ever. LOL


Apr. 16th, 2013 04:36 pm
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So the Birmingham Zoo has an exhibit which features animatronic dinosaurs. Mom and I took the boys while I was there, and it was well worth the extra $5 ticket. I've never been to Dinos Alive or anything like that, so it was my first time seeing big, moving dinosaurs as well.

The T Rex was my favorite moment, but there were a pair of raptors that were my favorite dinosaurs. Those things creeped me right the fuck out. I mean, you totally got the sensation of being hunted and about to be dinner.

But the T Rex was fun. Jake was so excited to see it.

Erik on the other hand, was outta there as soon as it roared. Smart kid. It didn't scare him, he was just not about to stick around. Haha

As usual, more on Flickr.

On another note about Birmingham, I'm kind of sad that Mom's time there is coming to a close. I like the Birmingham Zoo so much better than Atlanta's. I will miss Costa's Mediterranean Greek salad like whoa. I love that Birmingham has Franklin's and if blindfolded and driven around you could still know instantly what part of town you're in. Atlanta is so... I dunno. Mixed up and homogenous in a way.

But having Mom here? Yeah, that trumps all that.


Mar. 8th, 2013 10:38 am
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My new floors are finally in and done. I LOVE THEM. I also love my new wall colors, and want to repaint the dining room to match the living room and foyer. But that'll wait a bit.

The before picture:

And after!

The best part is, we're not completely done yet. I'm almost finished switching out light switches and outlets, and tomorrow we're going to buy a new couch and tables. Then all that will be left is to recover the rose chairs and get new ceiling fans and foyer light fixture. :D


Jan. 18th, 2013 10:58 am
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I've been wanting to photograph the crows that come through our neighborhood every year since we moved in, but never had the camera or the time to get it or whatever. Yesterday I managed to get a couple snaps in the rain that came out okay. I still want to get the picture I have in my head, but it may never happen. Anyway, here's the two from yesterday I liked well enough to keep.

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Here's my annual review of the year, told one picture at a time.













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First, the explanation of why I didn't ride Zane. If you've been a friend for a while, you'll remember this but the last time Zane was ridden (to my knowledge) was about 2 years ago and it ended like this. That post is friends locked, so if you aren't on my list, sorry. The video was removed and I failed to have the foresight to download it when I could. Alas.

So anyway, I knew that I would need to lunge Zane and check his gas, steering and brakes before taking off on any kind of ride. That would require me to move quite a bit, and with my level of fitness (extremely low), fat (extremely high) and the temperature (extremely high) that was just asking for heat stroke. As disappointed in myself as I was, I chose to leave that project for the fall when I will hopefully be in better shape, weigh less and it will be cooler.

It's certainly motivation for getting healthy. I'm working on a motivation board with pictures to keep me on track.

But this isn't a fitness and exercise post, it's a picture one. So here we go!

Can you see my grin? I am NOT direct reining him in a curb bit, I promise. I am holding him to a walk as he screams and bugles for his girlfriend in the paddock below us.


Jul. 16th, 2012 11:21 am
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I haven't posted pictures here in a long time. So, here are some from the past few months. More on Flickr, as always.

This is Nola, [livejournal.com profile] greenstripe's daughter.

Frogs at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Teeny lizard!

Jason and the gun he built.

Moody Gardens Rainforest, Houston, TX

USS Texas, Houston, TX


May. 11th, 2012 03:02 pm
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Over the past week I've completed stage one of drab to fab for the kitchen. The paint! Still to do are the backsplash, floors and replacing the stove. That'll happen later. Here's the pics:


Obviously I had already started prepping to paint.


The color is a tad bit more purple than actual in this picture. But you get the idea.

I LOVE it. I did most of the work myself, including changing out the light switches and outlets. I also did the bulk of it while watching both boys. I'm not done with the trim, but I'm burnt out so I'll do that later. Plus, Erik did great with staying out of the paint when I was doing the walls, but he decided he wanted to touch the white trim and then smear it all over the red walls.
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We got our house painted! And aside from the joy that comes from having nice colors, I know it won't fall apart or (continue to) rot! Yay! They had to do a LOT of woodwork, but I can no longer see daylight through the wall next to the front door.

Here's the before:

And here's during. I decided very quickly that I hated the red. I shut them down, called the owner of the painting company and told him I didn't want to be the house where the zombies live. He helped me choose a lovely replacement color.

And here's the after! I wasn't sure about the green at first, but I'm starting to really love it.

The front door looks amazing.

While I was opening windows for them to paint, I came across a gorgeous, LARGE black widow in our basement. If you know me, you'll know that I have a no kill policy for critters I find in the house. (My husband doesn't have this policy.) I try to relocate. In this case, I can't safely relocate her. Even though our backyard is perfect with its thick pine woods, leaf mountains and fallen trees, I can't be sure a neighborhood kid won't stumble on her back there. I've contacted the extension service to see if they can use her for a display. Otherwise it's curtains. :/

Of course I took pictures. DO NOT CLICK IF YOU ARE ARACHNAPHOBIC )


Jan. 31st, 2012 10:51 am
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I ended up taking a few shots this weekend that I really, really like. I haven't had time to edit any yet. I'll fool around with that later.

I see this as the quintessential cowboy shot. Plus, my Daddy is handsome, yo. I only wish that the gritty part came through better. He was literally covered in blood splatter and mud after working calves. I took a closeup at the same time, but it's just not as compelling to me.

I like this one, even with the sun flare, because it looks effortless and natural to me. I dunno. I might be talking out my ass on that one. LOL

This is kind of a cliche shot, but I like it anyway.

And a few animal portraits I thought turned out really well.

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