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That's the joke that's going around right now. That the Kelly family is death central.

Remember my cousin who had breast cancer? She died this morning around 1am. I'll make a nice goodbye writeup for her later. We knew it was coming, and we actually thought she would die yesterday, right around the time we put our grandfather in the ground.

It made Granddad's funeral really weird. Like it was a memorial for them both. She had written a letter to be read, and all of us lost it. It was a beautiful memorial for him though. She was much closer to him than I ever was. She was one of the favored grandchildren.

This is the saddest story of all the Kelly deaths that have happened in the past 3 years (that would be 6 if you're playing along at home).

My Dad is on the phone with the funeral director, who's on his way to get her in Mobile. They're figuring out the cemetary plot situation. Midway's cemetary is (not surprisingly) quite small, and the Kelly family section is running out of room.

I think I'm more sad about the fact that a bunch of dogs got loose last night and killed two kittens and another cat here at the farm.

I want to go home and curl up with my husband and cats and dog, but I have to stick around for a bit to help my Dad.

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